Emperor Quang Trung defeated 200,000 troops of the Qing Dynasty
(1644-1912, China) from the invasion of Vietnam, 1788

1.    Emperor Qianlong sent a massive army (200,000 sodiers,…) with Le Chieu Thong Emperor (the Last Emperor of Le dynasty, Vietnam) in November 1788 to restore him to the throne (in Thang Long = Hanoi), though under the Qing protection.

2.    Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue 1753-1792, Binh Dinh) raised his army and gathered his forces (100,000) troops and 200 elephants = 200 tanks…), 1789 in the country side around Thang Long (Gian Khau, Nguyet Khuyet, Nhat Tao, Ha Hoi, Ngoc Hoi, Moc = Giap Nhat, Khuong Thuong, Tay Long… ) which has been taken by the Qianlong and the Le Chieu Thong armies.
3.     In the Tam Diep mountains, Emperor Quang Trung declared in the front of his troops:
     a.    Fight so that our enemies won’t have a single wheel to come home with,
     b.    Fight so that our enemies won’t have a single armor to go home with,
     c.    Fight so that history knows this heroic Dai Viet country has its leaders…
4.    Emperor Quang Trung made a big surprise and fast attack against thi Qing forces during the Tet Offensive Ky Dau (Vietnam Lunar New Year), 1789. In a fierce 6-day battle (the 30 Tet = January 25, 1789 to the 5 Tet Ky Dau = January 30, 1789) Quang Trung defeated the Qing army (nearly 100,000 Qianlong sodiers were killes !)
With the Dai Viet people, Emperor Quang Trung celebrated the Vietnam Lunar New Year in Thang Long (Ha Noi) at 2PM, January 30, 1789 (the 5 Tet). Quang Trung van tue, Dai Viet van tue.
5.    Quang Trung was one of the most successful military commander in Vietnam’s History. Vietnam, our great people. Vietnam, our beloved country.

Pham Duc Lien, Xmasday 2016.