General Tran Hung Dao
Supreme Commander of Vietnam (TRAN DYNASTY, 1225-1400)

A. Yuan Dynasty (China, 1271-1368) under Kublai Khan (1260-1294) - the great military feat in World History:
    1. Invaded most of Central Asia and Eastern Europe..
    2. The Mongolian (Mongol Empire) tried to invaded Dai Viet (Vietnam) 3 times, all without success!. General Tran Hung Dao defeated them !!!

B. Three times defeated :
    1.  In 1258, the Tran dynasty was faced with the first Mongol invasion of Dai Viet (The Yuan Mongol force: :#45,000 men). Talented General Prince Tran Hung Dao was able to drive back the invasion and ultimatly re-establied the peace.
    2. The second invasion of Dai Viet in 1285: General Tran Hung Dao launched counter-offensive strikes (the Yuan Mongol and Chinese forces: #500,000 men). Commander Sogefu (Mongol army) was killed in the battle!
    3. In 1288, Yuan Dynasty launched their third invasion of Dai Viet. Commander-In-Chief Tran Hung Dao easily:
        * resisted the Yuan military campaign (the Yuan Mongol and Chinese forces= infantry, cavalry, and naval fleet, # 100,000 men and 600 war-ships)
        * defeated of the Yuan navy at the battle of Bach Dang river (April, 1288).

Statue of General Tran Hung Dao - Saigon- Vietnam

Chicago, Dec 29/2015
Phạm Đức Liên, EdD
Former Professor
Central Piedmont Community College